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Recycle and renew your mobile phone choice

In today's day and age we are often encouraged to recycle wherever possible. Recycling is basically a way of converting waste materials into something new and reusable; this process can be applied to a huge range of materials, including glass, paper, metal, plastic, food and garden waste and much more. By sorting out your waste, you can recycle a large proportion into these various categories and reduce the amount of general waste you generate.

In recent times, local councils have decided to offer recycling as part of their refuse and waste collections. By providing different coloured bins in order to separate common materials, recycling has become the norm in many households. However, have you ever considered recycling items such as old electronic equipment?

With technology continually improving, phone companies often release new and improved mobile phones offering new and better functions. There is a huge market for this product, and most people will choose to take advantage of the latest models, updating their mobile every few years at a minimum to ensure they remain on trend. And yet, consider what happens to your old mobile; do you choose to put it in a drawer, unused and forgotten about, or do you choose to recycle it?

There are many advantages to recycling old and unused products and materials. In relation to mobile phones, as well as helping and preserving the environment for future generations, recycling is a great way of getting cash for your handset. Depending on the age and condition of your mobile, you can receive a fairly large sum of cash you would not have otherwise had. As an alternative idea, you could choose to donate your mobile phone to an organisation or charity in need so as to benefit others.

Recycling mobile phones is very important as it prevents harmful, toxic substances such as copper and arsenic from leaking into the environment, thus preventing potential adverse affects on land, air and water supplies. It also reduces the need to use up valuable energy and raw materials so as to create components for new mobile phones.

It is estimated that up to 90 million mobile phones are surplus to requirements in the UK alone. This is a shockingly high statistic when you consider that up to 80% of a phone is recyclable; containing materials such as metal, plastic and several valuable elements such as silver, the majority of these can be extracted and reused for other purposes. Would you really choose to waste such a good recycling opportunity?


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