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The Cell Phone Versus Home Phone Debate

Ten or fifteen years ago, a cell phone looked like a thick walkie-talkie with an antenna as thick as your little finger. You'd see them on the ears of glamorous actors pacing down the streets of New York, in movies depicting corporate big city life. It took a few years for them to make their way into the hands of almost every adult; and then, almost overnight, young children had them too!

Many people are opting out of home phones altogether, claiming they have become obsolete with the advent of the cell phone. While the modern technology is unquestionably convenient, it does have some drawbacks you may not notice at first glance. And the trusty home phone may not be as antiquated as you think.

In defense of the home phone: Internet service, security system monitoring, and fax machines all use home telephone lines. True, these services can be acquired through wireless means as well, but usually at a greater cost to you. And of course, there is something to be said for the degree of permanence you get from a land line.

People switch cell phone numbers so often that it can be difficult for business, friends, and even family to keep track of them. Are the days when kids only have to learn one address and one phone number for themselves gone forever?

That said, I am the last one who'd admit to being anti-cell phone. It is my constant companion, as important as my wallet, keys, and chapstick when I'm walking out the door. Cell phones are obviously convenient because you can take them anywhere. Most have built-in caller identification, text messaging, and call waiting.

Probably the greatest thing about it is that you can be reached anywhere, anytime.

But the greatest con? You can be reached anywhere, anytime.

Sometimes it's nice to have time for peace and quiet, where you can't be interrupted. Having something glued to your ear all day long has several drawbacks. Many people have grown so dependent upon their cell phones that they feel naked if they leave them at home or the batteries run out.

Also, having to constantly remember to charge it, as well as the incessant monitoring of minutes and text message use, can be a pain. And don't forget that as the technology improves, so will the number of advertisements popping up on your cell phone screen.

Some people have a land line that they use for neighbors or business, and a cell phone they use for friends and family only. It's nice to have a cell phone number separate from the one you write on credit card applications and give out to businesses, hopefully reducing the number of solicitation calls you get on it.

These days, it can seem almost impossible to live without a cell phone, and insane to criticize them. But make sure to consider all the reasons for your home phone before you pull the plug--literally.


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